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A Survival Guide To Overcome Change Saturation In The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Part 1

Posted by Andre Low on Jul 13, 2018 7:25:57 PM


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Five Levels of Change Management Maturity

Posted by Michael Campbell on Jul 13, 2018 7:24:03 PM

In order to keep up with the current economic climate and a competitive market, change must become a part of everyday business. Only recently organisations began to recognise the importance of building the competency that will enable them to rapidly manage and successfully deploy change.

Following a study with over 150 organisations, Prosci developed a Change Management Maturity Model which enables organisations to assess their current change management maturity. By doing so, they are able to visualise the progressive journey needed to achieve effective change management.

We've summarised the five levels of maturity below to help you assess where your organisation currently lies on the scale and discover the benefits of reaching level five maturity. You can learn more about each level and how you can ensure your organisation successfully reaches a level five maturity when implementing change initiatives by  downloading your free guide to the Prosci change management maturity model audit.

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4 Critical Skills of a Great Change Management Practitioner

Posted by Michael Campbell on Jul 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Change is inevitable. Whether a new technology or process is being adopted or there are shifts happening within departments, it’s important to make changes as seamless as possible to prevent long-lasting disruptions, reduce productivity dips and drive organisational success. That’s what makes the role of a change management practitioner so vital to the process.

Whether you’re considering applying to become a change management practitioner or your company is looking to hire someone to implement change within your organisation, we’ve put together four critical skills we know help make a great Change Management Practitioner.

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5 Tips for Effective Change Implementation

Posted by Michael Campbell on Jun 27, 2018 9:17:00 AM

As according to Peter Drucker "culture eats strategy for breakfast" we recommend that you adapt the way you introduce change management into your organisation to match with its culture rather than force the new change management discipline onto your culture. Tprepare your organisation in the most effective way, you need to understand the organisation structure, its cultural norms, its different people and their expectations as well as the change you intend on implementing. Taking these into account will help you to create a change strategy, unique to the project and workforce, with the best chance of full adoption by those directly impacted.  

The first step is to scope out factors that will shape your approach and drive the implementation efforts. We have listed tasks you might want to consider to prepare for change implementation.  

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4 Tips to Drive Enterprise Change Management

Posted by Michael Campbell on Jun 7, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Change leaders usually start by applying change management methodologies and tools learned to improve adoption rates of a single change initiative, of one project or program. However, this may not be enough to meet the demands of today's agile world. Embedding change management into your organisation’s core ways of working, so that everyone knows their role when confronted by multiple change initiatives, so called Enterprise Change Management (ECM), will help enable your organisation to remain competitive. The result, your workforce is empowered to be proactive and responsive to the need to continually improve business performance.

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