Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner Course

Did you know that the number 1 obstacle to change is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change?

This 3-day course from CMC Partnership Asia will provide you with a methodology, process and toolkit for effectively managing change. 

Participants apply Prosci’s methodology to a real project from their organisation, drawing on Best Practice Research from 4,500+ organisations to build a practical change management strategy.

Learn and practice how to:

  • Explain why change management is important to your organisation's future success
  • Use Prosci ADKAR® process for Individual change

  • Use Prosci 3 Phase Organisational Change process - Preparing for, Managing & Reinforcing change
  • Develop and customise your change management strategy to your project
  • Assess and develop the competency of your Sponsors to effectively lead change 

  • Use Prosci Best Practices data to build the business case for change management

  • Deploy an effective Communications strategy 

  • Use a 10-step process for Resistance Management 

  • Coach Line Managers in their 5 critical roles in leading effective change 

Successful participants become Prosci-certified Change Management Practitioners. If you are interested to sign up now, the upcoming courses are offered on selected dates in May and June at the Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore. Discount is provided for parties of two or more attending on the same dates from a single organisation. 

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Learn the skills necessary to tackle change