3 Change Management Tools to Improve Change Adoption and Sustainment

    Aug 16, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    We know that managing change is no easy task and in order to realise business results, change must be sustainable and have a high adoption rate. Reaching the point of sustainable change is a journey but there are tools available which can help support your organisation’s change journey.

    Prosci, global leaders in change management research have developed a number of tools which are invaluable to the modern change management practitioner.  As a leading provider of Prosci Change Management Training, Workshops and Advisory services, CMC Partnership Asia have been teaching others to successfully employ these tools to deliver sustainable change in the region for the past 5 years.

    Whether you are new to change management or simply looking to refamiliarise yourself with the Prosci change management tools then take advantage of these three core tools which can be used to drive change adoption and sustain change initiatives.

    The 3 tools that will help to improve change adoption and sustainment are:

    1. Prosci ADKAR Model

    2. The Prosci Change Management Practitioner eToolkit

    3. The Change Management ROI Calculator

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    1. Prosci ADKAR Model

    Since 1999 when this model was first published it has become a global household tool for change management practitioners as it explains the foundations that need to be in place for successful change, one person at a time. This 5- step acronym  - which stands for awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement -is one of the most widely applied tools across the change management globe. The ADKAR model is a very useful starting point that every single change management practitioner, line manager and executive sponsor should be familiar with; as it explains the sequence of critical steps each individual needs to take in order to successfully adopt a new way of working.

    Change management practitioners benefit from understanding this particular tool as it identifies where their employees are in the change process, what is working well, and where they are struggling. This will help to directly address the specific areas where the change is not working, what the root cause is and then set actions in place to correct them.  This model will keep you on track to achieve all of your change management goals by ensuring that each individual understands and can actively follow and promote a successful change process.  The Prosci ADKAR model is one of the tools reviewed in our Prosci Refresher Workshop . 

    2. The Prosci Change Management Practitioner eToolkit

    This cloud-based tool encompasses 2 decades of research, includes the Prosci ADKAR model and the 3-Phase Process bringing you the most up to date and comprehensive guide to managing change. These two methodologies are chock full of templates, techniques, webinar replays, videos and assessments to guide you every step of the way  in driving better business outcomes from your change projects. 

    This year is the best time to access this eToolkit as Prosci have recently added additional features, including a sample change management journey template to teach you how a fictitious company, Finesta Financial, overcame their change obstacles, improved their change adoption rates and created a culture of sustainable change throughout the organisation.  Furthermore Prosci have also included updated customisation grids to help you more precisely tailor your change plan to your specific project. Finally Prosci have also added brand new research insights., guiding you to more effectively use best practices in change management. 

    We teach our Prosci Refresher Workshop using the Prosci 2017 Practitioner e-toolkit and materials. It is therefore recommended that participants contact Prosci and upgrade to the 2017 Practitioner e-toolkit license prior to attending this workshop.

    3. The Change Management ROI Calculator

    In order to sustain this culture of change, both employees and your selected change sponsors must be able to definitively understand why there is such an emphasis on driving change throughout the organisation. One of the most effective ways to do this is through quantifying the need for change is by identifying the impact each change has on the organisational bottom line. The Prosci Change Management ROI Calculator enables this to happen.

    Demonstrating the return on investment change management brings to each project can quickly explain the added value from increasing the employee adoption of new capabilities, in a language Senior Executives understand- the language of finance. Armed with these insights and numbers, change management practitioners can better engage reluctant sponsors and reinforce the overall benefits of deploying change management on individual projects and at the enterprise level.

    New to Change Management?

    Learn more about the skills needed to tackle change by downloading our Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner Course guide here.

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    Already a Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner but looking to refresh your knowledge?

    CMC are hosting a one-day intensive and interactive programme which provides Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners with the opportunity to reconnect with the fundamentals of successful change and change management.

    The 3 aforementioned tools and processes will be covered at the workshop alongside plenty of other tools including 4Ps, Flight/Risk, Impact Index Analysis and Risk Grid. Click below to read more about why you should attend, what change challenges will be addressed, what course materials will be used, and so much more.  

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