3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Change Management in 2019

    Jan 28, 2019 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    It may be a new year, but the need for change management is still very much present. In fact, the need is even greater in 2019 that ever before.

    Emerging technologies, employee demands and a competitive landscape are all impacting the way modern businesses are operating. People hold the key to success within any organisation and as businesses face an unprecedented magnitude of change and increasing demands to deliver results and outcomes, equipping your people with a methodology and toolkit for change success is essential.

    We've covered three specific trends which highlight the importance of ensuring you deploy an effective and robust change management strategy throughout your organisation in order to achieve success in 2019.

    Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation projects remain a key focus for businesses and new technologies are continuing to be adopted at a rapid pace, in Asia and worldwide. This digital disruption is changing the way we work, live and play.  New startups and entrants fully utilising rising technology such as AI, blockchain or virtual reality are disrupting the market, and established companies are finding new and innovative ways to become more agile and flexible to remain competitive within the environment.

    Competitive Recruitment

    Companies are increasingly finding it difficult to hire candidates with the right skill-sets at the right time. This is hardly surprising, considering that there is a major shortage of people with the necessary technology skills globally. 

    More and more, companies are beginning to skip the hiring process and begin training their existing workforce instead. The process of introducing new skills or technology to staff who previously haven't dealt with these can be an arduous task. Upskilling non-technical staff to take up more technology responsibilities could potentially be an ongoing temporary solution to the talent crunch, meaning there is a severe requirement for a certified change management professional.

    Modern Workplace

    The waves digital transformation is creating worldwide has made it more and more difficult for businesses differentiate themselves and scale in the ever-changing business world. One way companies are looking to save money while positioning themselves as a modern business, is to create a more flexible work environment.

    Powerful mobile devices fitted with wireless technology allow for just about any space to be useful in productivity, and the growing popularity to collaborative platforms, like Sharepoint and Dropbox, are almost making the traditional office space redundant and ensuring long term employees are able to adapt is critical to avoid drops in productivity and resistance to the change.

    How Can Change Management Help?

    To ensure any changes made within the organisation are successful, it's vital that change management becomes a key cog in your machine.

    Change management is:

    • Preparing, equipping and supporting our people through change so benefits are realised
    • How we mobilise our people around a change to deliver expected results and outcomes
    • Enabling our people to be successful on the change journeys that we put them on
    • Ensuring that solutions, however they are designed and delivered, are ultimately embraced, adopted and used by employees

    CMC Partnership run a variety of programmes and workshops in Singapore throughout the year. If you're interested in learning how you can progress the change capabilities of yourself, or your business, take a look at our courses and discover which course best suits your change management needs.