4 Critical Skills of a Certified Change Management Practitioner

Sep 29, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell


Are you interested in becoming a certified change management practitioner? Or are you looking to hire a certified change management practitioner? Either way, a good starting point for both is considering what it takes to become a successful change practitioner. That's why we have created a list of 4 key critical skills that will help you on your way to understanding what type of person is suited to managing your organisation's change.

1. Advanced Communication

Excellent communication skills should absolutely flow through the change practitioner's veins as their role involves direct  communication with people at various level of seniority in different business functions within and across the organisation. They understand the requirements of different internal audiences, how to contextualise the required information and how to make information relevant to a specific employee's job role.

They have the ability to share best change management practices and communicate precisely to senior leader Sponsors and Line Managers what activities need to change if the initiative is to be succesfully adopted. Above all, they must be open, honest and very straightforward about the organisation’s ability to effectively manage change, telling truth to power. This will help to eradicate a culture of hiding problems and instead create a way of working that is increasingly solution oriented.

Change management practitioners must also focus their efforts on gaining the support for change management making the bsuiness case for investing in change management to influential sponsors including senior executives.  Therefore they must have the ability to correspond, influence and communicate the value that effective change management can confer on an organisation’s competitive advantage. 

2. Expert Coach

Change management practitioners are often seen as the designer's of the change management strategy. Part of this designer role is encouraging, developing and supporting the ability of line managers to coach employees in their required role in a specific change initiative. To fulfil this aspect they must possess up-to-date change management knowledge, having a solid understanding of change methodologies, frameworks, and best practices;  combined with an exceptional ability to apply key change frameworks through different individual and group exercises, workshops and other interventions. 

3. Strategic Thinker 

They must be visionaries and look towards creating strategic change plans for the future. They should have the ability to take advantage of change management methodologies and tailor them to their own specific project or change initiative. They must also be able to draw on external resources and be able to strategically find ways to implement them into their current and future strategies.

The long-term change management strategies must always be positioned in the forefront of their mind to ensure that the organisation never lags behind, they can move forward, any opportunity can be taken advantage of, and they are continuously striving towards new and improved ways to tackle change management more effectively.

As required they can strategically assess what projects or new initiatives will directly impact the way in which employees work, and build plans to mitigate employee resistance and in general help them to appreciate the change.

4. Project Management skills

Following the Prosci methodology, effective change practitioners should assess a change in terms of the people side and also the technical side to ensure both the change is accepted and supported, and the change is delivered correctly. They must have the necessary project management knowledge, techniques, and tools in order to deliver a successful change management plan. This will involve outlining dependencies, outcomes, who is responsible, and what resources are availableSimilar to project management, they will need to review the outcomes of the change, and what progress still needs to be done.

If any of these traits sound like something that you feel would be interested in learning more about or you want to personally develop them further through an enterprise change management accreditation then click here to read more about the Prosci® Change Management Certification programme. Or if you already possess these traits then you may be interested in taking an advanced certification in change management. Click on the link below to view all our available courses and dates.

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