6 Benefits as the Deployment Leader for Enterprise Change Management

    Apr 26, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell
    Embedding an experienced Enterprise Change Management Deployment Leader or function within your organisation to empower your memployees is the first step to becoming a change ready organisation with high change management maturity. In companies that underwent successful transformations, employees at every level and role tended to be more involved and engaged, especially at lower levels of the organisational structure. Unfortunately, this does not happen by chance but by intentional design.
    Successful organisations typically have Deployment Leaders with the know-how and tools to coach managers and senior executives to manage employee resistance and increase employee engagement with the ultimate purpose of delivering project success. More often than not, multiple interrelated changes are occurring within the organisation, almost inevitable given today's highly competitive business and market demands.
    This challenge adds greater value to the skill set of these Deployment Leaders as they also have the ability to both:
    1. Architect the strategic intentional plan and business case for the reasons why enterprise change competency needs to be improved to Senior Executives.
    2. Build Change Management Capability by effectively teaching a structured approach, methodologies and tools to the sponsors, line managers and employees tasked with delivering the improved business performance from change projects. 
    However, there are few people with the above-mentioned knowledge and skills so organisations have difficulties recruiting them.
    Fret not. If you are Deployment Leader in your organisation and you need to build your enterprise change management strategy, plan and business case for approval by the Board then CMC can provide you with the structured approach and toolkit to do so effectively and efficiently via participation in the 1-day CMC Prosci ECM Bootcamp.
    On the other hand if your challenge as a Deployment Leader is to cascade the knowledge of the world's most popular structured change management approach, method and tools internally within your organisation CMC offers the 3-day CMC Prosci Train the Trainer programThis is an exclusive course, designed for a small group with a maximum of 6 attendees which will empower Change Practitioners and Training experts with the knowledge, tools and confidence to deliver high quality, role-based Prosci Change Management Training within their own organisation.  Prosci® Train the Trainer enables participants to build change management capability for themselves as individuals and across their organisations. Scrutinise the table below to understand more about the benefits of this course.
     Benefits to the individual:
    • Combine the language of Prosci with the language of their own organisation in a way that is not always possible for an external instructor.

    • Communicate effectively about all of the elements of the Prosci approach as it applies to a project, using Prosci presentation material, tools and templates.
    • Build confidence in the application of the Prosci methodology, particularly as it applies to the roles of the Manager and Sponsor.

    Benefits to the organisation: 

    • Training your internal colleagues and staff can be a costly business, so if you have managers, supervisors and employees who require ongoing change management training, why not make the investment to take this in-house?
    • Internal instructors will be able to draw from their own experience, creating stories and case studies that may be more relevant to their organisation.

    • Organisations could benefit with applying additionally for a Prosci site licence, which will help tailor their training offering.

    The recommended first step on the journey would be to get in touch with the CMC team to find more about the benefits of attending and to discuss how you qualify to participate in this exclusive session. Ideally, you should have attended the Prosci® Change Management Practitioner Certification Programme before you are ready for either of these two advanced  courses.

    Fired up and ready to go? course photo #10.jpg

    Sign up for either the CMC Prosci ECM Bootcamp in UK on 27 April or in Singapore on 25 August or the CMC Prosci® Train the Trainer course in the UK on 13-15 June, or in Singapore on 28-30 November.  

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