Waved, Nested or Attached – How to Start Building Change Management Competency

    Mar 11, 2019 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    The business environment is changing faster than ever before. New technology, political landscapes and internationalisation all contribute to economic turbulence in addition to new customer demands. Employees default reaction to change is often anxiety and sometime distress, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Change can be an opportunity if you know how to manage both the technical (project management) and people side of change (change management) effectively. Discomfort towards change is often rooted in uncertainty, doubt and fear but this can be mitigated through training, process, coaching and personal support, supported by active listening.

    CMC Partnership are a global affiliate of change management pioneers Prosci and have 20+ years of experience in helping clients to successfully accompany their employees as they are impacted by multiple changes. One of the first steps in building the confidence of employees towards change is the provision of suitable change management training, designed specifically for each employee's different role in the organisation.

    We regularly work with global organisations to help them build this change competency throughout their organisation by either deploying Prosci training in Waves to different management levels in the organisation or by Nesting Prosci change management training inside existing leadership/management development programs or by Attaching Prosci training to teams directly impacted by a large specific change. Whether your approach is Waved, Nested or Attached we recommend the family of role-based CMC Private On-Site Change Management Training Programmes.

    Often CMC works with organisations to train their internal staff in the deployment of the Prosci change management programs using a Train the Trainer model combined with an organisation-wide Prosci Site License. CMC helps you to become an internal trainer via the Prosci Train the Trainer programme and there are several varieties of Prosci site licence available, all designed to suit your preferred deployment approach of change management competency building in your organisation. Additionally Prosci site licensing helps you to customise, adopt and integrate the way you deliver Prosci change management to suit the internal environment and approach of your organisation.

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