Count Down: 10 Days to CMC Master Class on Enterprise Agility and Change Management!

    Apr 13, 2018 | Posted by Andre Low


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    Hi Everyone,

    It is officially less than 2 weeks to our CMC Master Class - Increasing Enterprise Agility with 2018 Best Practices in Change Management!

    In this session, you will get an exclusive executive summary of Prosci Benchmark Report of Best Practices in Change Management 2018 Edition and learn about the greatest contributors to project success, common obstacles, the Prosci change management methodology, change management job roles and many more.



    If you have any of these thoughts or questions below burning in your mind:

    • What is Change Management/ Prosci Change Management?
    • What are the best practices in Change Management?
    • Why is Change Management relevant and more important than ever before?
    • Why is the Prosci Change Management method so popular? Is it the best?
    • What makes an effective change practitioner?
    • Big A versus small a - What is Agile (agility) versus agile?
    • What are the upcoming trends in Change Management and what does it mean for me as a professional?
    • What is the difference in role between a Project Manager and Change Practitioner?

    Please register for our master class now, and have your questions answered!

    Join us and mingle with like-minded professionals who are passionate to make change real and sustainable for and with their people.

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