How to find your path to Change Management Certification Mastery

    Jun 15, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    If you have attended our Prosci® Change Management Certification Workshop, applied what you've learnt and gained experience in managing change and would now like to pursue a career in change management and/or further accreditation to become a master of Change Management, CMC can help you!

    Becoming Masters of Change Management

    Before we share more, let's take a look at the prevalence of Change Management jobs to better understand the value that Advanced Change Management Certifications bring to you in performing Change Management work.

    Insights from Prosci Best Practices Research:
    1. Large, multinational organisations are more likely to have Change Management roles than small ones.

    2. Organisations with higher Change Management Maturity tend to have more Change Management jobs.

    3. Change Management salaries are increasing. The average salary increased 1.2% from USD105,700 in 2013 to USD106,997 in 2015.

    Why is Change Management being demanded more than ever before?

    The Digital Era is here and almost every major industry is undergoing some form of digital transformation on top of other business changes to remain competitive and retain market shareTo be a cut above the rest, every company has to strive for “Citius, Altius, Fortius” - the Olympic motto in Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Having the right solution is no longer enough. The execution must be precise and Change Management is a key organisational capability to enable successful employee adoption. The fate of the future depends on what we do in the present and the success of your change depends on the people who are going to plan, drive and do it. 

    In Prosci's 20 years of change management Best Practices research, organisations who embed excellent Change Management practices to a Level 5 maturity are likely to achieve their business results for 65% of their projects, whereas Level 1 change maturity organisations only achieve a 37% project success rate. The percentage figure of success is almost double which translates to significantly higher Return of Investment (ROI) as well as intangible business and organisational outcomes such as productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. As more and more companies realised the importance of change management, there is a rapidly increasing demand for change management talents. Delivering large and complex changes, driving the people side of change, and building Change Management Capabilities all require highly trained and experienced Change Management Masters. Yet, the supply of Change Management Professionals remains scarce.

    How can CMC help you become an Expert in Change Management?


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    Begin your journey towards Change Management Mastery and become a Change Management Professional with advanced accreditation that is coveted by many top organisations.




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