Managing Change in an Agile Environment

    Apr 1, 2019 | Posted by Andre Low

    With the latest Prosci® research, we noticed an interesting trend in 2018. There are a large buzz of interest and discussion around the disciplines of Agile and Change Management.

    In 2019, CMC is excited to offer an interactive and practical exploration into this topic with the integration of Agile and Change Management workshop, led by CMC's advanced instructor, Michael Campbell, with the inaugural event happening on the 19th of September.
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    What's it all about?

    The Prosci research relating to Agile and Change Management explores two new themes pertaining to the people side of change - the adoption and application process from Waterfall to Agile environments and the adaptation of change management practice in Agile iterative cycles. 

    In this workshop, we will provide insights and examples around integrating the Prosci methodology into your Agile process. We will also explore findings from the research including: common obstacles, sponsorship challenges, resistance management, and what to do differently.

    If you’d like a little bit of background reading, take a look at:

    Or for a deeper dive into the debate, join us on our Prosci Intersection of Agile and Change Management open enrollment workshops.  Find out more by downloading the Agile and Change Management workshop brochure

    What will you be getting?

    An absorbing and thought provoking day:

    In this practical and interactive day, you’ll see Prosci research presented into the intersection of Agile and Change Management and discover how the Agile approach to our delivery of projects does not take away the need to focus on the people-side of the change.

    In bite-size chunks with discussions and your input, we will:

    • Gain access to the Prosci Change Management and Agile report – 74 pages worth of information and data valued at more than S$200
    • Delve into the foundation and parallels of change management and Agile
    • Explore industry-leading research on how to manage change in Agile
    • Identify specific adaptations for the change management approach
    • Present the Prosci ADKAR model for driving change at the level of the individual which will support us in Agile change delivery.
    • Align the 5 levers of change management to Agile and identify specific adjustments for each
    • Define change management roles in an Agile environment

    At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to build specific tactics and plans for effectively adapting and adjusting change management in an environment using Agile iterative development.

    Who should come? 

    Any change individual who wants to stay at the forefront of this growing discipline including:

    • Change management practitioners supporting Agile efforts
    • Project teams incorporating Agile principles

    Business Change Specialist, Change Manager, Organisational Development Manager, IT Operations Project Manager, Project Lead, Programme Manager, HR Leader and many more!

    Testimonials from past participants:

    "Gaining reassurance that PROSCI maps well to Agile" 
    - Claire Reeves, Yellowtip Limited - Strategic Communications & Change Consultant

    “Hearing other perspectives from different sectors”
    - Dan Newberry, University of Sheffield

    “Thought leadership using experience.  Structure around methodology and facilitating conversation on experiences”
    - Steve Belcher,  Thames Water

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