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    Jul 12, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    We are living in a time of great change. Bigger change. Faster change. More complex change. More cross-functional change. More multi-disciplinary change. To be successful in this environment of rapid, concurrent and never-ending change, organizations must grow their change agility not just to thrive, but to survive.

    Change Management Capability as a Crucial Enabler

    In its 2016 Best Practices report Prosci explores the link between organisational agility and organisational change management maturity. Change capability has emerged as a crucial enabler of agility in a number of management studies including PwC's five pillars of an agile organisation. Prosci has spent over a decade researching and developing how organisations move past a project-by-project approach to change management, towards a future where change management capability is internalised as part of an organisation's DNA.

    Prosci Agility Attributes

    Prosci created 10 attributes of agile organisations, based on their own and industry research. During Prosci’s “Building Organizational Agility” webinar, over 250 participants completed an assessment of their organisation, based on these 10 attributes. The results conveyed that one of the lowing scoring attributes was how effectively organisations prioritize and manage their change portfolio. 

    What this means for you

    The velocity of change continues to accelerate and the importance of delivering expected results and outcomes in times of change is only increasing. In order to "out-change" the competition and meet customer demands in fast growing markets, organisations need to take seriously the effort of building their change agility to equip themselves for what lies ahead.

    CMC invites you to participate in what we believe is South East Asia's first survey of organisational change management. Through a no-cost 2-hour consultation, CMC’s goal is to help you understand your organisations current maturity, explain how you compare with regional peers and industries anonymously and show how you can begin to apply best practices that help develop change management capability in your organisation. Request your consultation below and a member of our team will be in touch:

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    Take the next steps...

    Prosci Enterprise Change Management (ECM) Bootcamp

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