Prosci Train the Trainer Program comes to Singapore - 3 places left!

    Oct 21, 2016 | Posted by Michael Campbell


    Prosci Train-the-Trainer program is coming to Singapore! In fact, just 3 places remain! 

    To support the growth of change competency and maturity in their own organisations more than 1,500 of the 30,000+ Prosci certified change management Practitioners have qualified as Prosci Trainers, enabling them to deliver Prosci Practitioner, Manager and Sponsor training internally. 


    According to Prosci 2016 Best Practices research:

    • Only 32% of organisations adequately prepare their Managers for changes before they are impacted by them, resulting in changes that do not realise their expected Return On Investment (ROI) or productivity gains because Managers and Employees resist the adoption of the required new ways of working.
    • 58% of Sponsors have little or no understanding on how to effectively lead change, resulting in too many changes being launched, changes that fail to be fully adopted by directly impacted Manager and Employees, incurring significant additional unnecessary costs when these same changes are re-launched, re-scoped or retired later.

    To raise awareness of how valuable change management can be in reducing these problems in your organisation and how growth in change competency throughout your organisation can improve competitiveness in your chosen markets, why not become an internal Prosci Trainer?

    From November 22nd to 25th there is a unique opportunity to become a Prosci Trainer for your organisation as CMC and Prosci Master Instructors Rhiannon Cooke and Scott Ross co-deliver the inaugural Prosci Train-the-Trainer program in Singapore.

    Just 3 places remain available for this fantastic opportunity. Register now or download our Train the Trainer brochure for more information.


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