Thank you for helping us plant trees around the world

    Mar 6, 2023 | Posted by Rhys Tompkins

    Leading up to the festive period, we announced that we were to plant trees across the globe, as a way of both spreading some cheer, and to celebrate our new partnership with Nexum.

    In order to plant these trees, we chose to support Treedom who’ve been responsible for planting over 3 million trees in Africa, South America and Italy since 2010. 

    Thanks to your help, we have managed to raise £1000 which has helped us contribute to the Treedom cause.

    With this contribution, we have planted 54 trees across Malawi, Italy, Thailand, Cameroon and Kenya!

    Please read about the Nexum and CMC Partnership joint venture here if you haven’t already done so.  You’ll see that one of our goals is to grow … to provide you with change support in more languages, in more cultures, in more time zones. 

    Basically, wherever you’re awake, we’re here.

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