The Benefits of Integrating Project Management and Change Management

    May 19, 2023 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    More often than not, project management and change management teams will be disparate, or a project manager will be required to handle both the technical and people side of a project. Projects and initiatives are more likely to meet objectives and achieve success when change management and project management are being both used and integrated. 

    The discipline of project management provides the structure, processes and tools to make this happen. A people side focus ensures that the change is embraced, adopted and utilised by the employees who have to do their jobs differently as a result of the project. The discipline of change management provides the structure, processes and too­­ls to make this happen.

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    Project management and change management both aim to increase the likelihood that projects or initiatives deliver the intended results and outcomes. Although each discipline can function independently, the most effective approach is to integrate change management and project management to create a unified approach to implementing change on both fronts.

    Exchange of information
    Integrating change management and project management activities improves the flow of information. On the front end, the integrated approach helps ensure that impacted employees are receiving the appropriate messages. On the back end, it helps ensure that the project team receives effective feedback on adoption, usage and reaction to the change.

    Creating a shared objective
    Both project managers and change managers are focused on achieving the set objectives for the proposed change. The efforts of both project management and change management, when integrated, can focus toward a shared objective to improve the performance of the organisation by successfully implementing a change that delivers the intended results and outcomes. Integration at the process dimension enables these two complementary disciplines to be more effective in sequencing work, aligning the timing of activities and exchanging information that is crucial to project success.

    Progress your career
    Adopting change management into your role as a project manager isn't only beneficial for an organisation, but has great benefits for your professional progression as a project manager. Develop your skill set and equip yourself with the ability to effectively manage the people side of a change, rather than just the technical side.

    An integrated approach increases the effectiveness of project delivery and increases the chances that sustained change happens. Integration of change management and project management enables the practitioners doing the work to be more aligned, the activities more effectively sequenced and the tools in use more robust. Regardless of your specific approach to integrating people, processes, tools and methodologies, integration of change management and project management provides a more complete approach and solution to creating sustained and meaningful change in the organisation.

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