The Value of Gaining your Prosci Change Management Certification

    Apr 15, 2021 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Organisations often believe that experience alone is sufficient enough to qualify them to manage change effectively.

    However, gaining your CMC Prosci Change Management certification will provide you with the licensed tools, techniques and a globally adopted methodology to empower your organisation and employees to successfully achieve the benefits from your project.  When integrated correctly with other strategies, Change Management provides value by encouraging the adoption and proficient usage of new ways of working demanded by change. The more seamless the transition, the more effective your organisation will become.

    Below are just a few of reasons you should consider becoming Prosci Change Management Certified this month. We also have some special discounts, get in touch with the Singapore team to find out more. 

    The Value of the Change Management Certification: 

    • Gain a structured approach: Learn a clear, formalised methodology, that provides a structured way of thinking and increases your understanding of change. 
    • Build skills and credentials: Expand your professional credibility and advance your career. Build confidence in your ability to thrive at change management, our certification will equip you with important skills that are applicable within any environment.
    • Acquire common and universal tools: Gain an understanding of the Prosci templates, tools, techniques and exposure to a methodology that you can apply to all change projects and deliver results.
    • More likely to achieve desired outcomes:  Aid your organisation to recognise the value of change management and assist them in creating a standardised approach to increase the proficiency of achieving more benefits from more changes, faster.

      The graph below demonstrates the correlation of change management effectiveness when attempting to meet project objectives. The points represent the percentage of participants who met or exceeded objectives for each of the overall change management effectiveness categories - poor, fair, good and excellent.
    Change Management Effectiveness Reseach

    What to Expect: 

    If the data supports the need for and benefits of change management training, what should you expect from our three day Prosci change management certification programme?

    Our programme is designed for individuals responsible for managing change on a specific project or who are building change management competency within their organisation. While many training tools are available - there really is no substitute for learning from experts in the fields, with a practical and hands-on application ready to apply to your organisation.

    Over three days, participants are immersed in the methodology and are able to hit the ground running when taking the work they have completed on their own change project back to the workplace.

    Participants graduate as Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioners, able to apply Prosci’s analytical tools and practical approaches to change initiatives and help build organisational capacity and capability in best practice change management.

    During the three days, you'll learn how to: 

    • Define Change Management
    • Explain the value of change management
    • Apply the Prosci ADKAR® Model to facilitate individual change
    • Apply the Prosci 3-Phase Process for organisational change
    • Activate roles that contribute to change success
    • Formulate the foundation of a Change Management Plan to address a specific project

    If you are still not convinced, watch our video below to hear Alice Trethewey explain her experience of attending our Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification Programme. 

    Next steps?

    Take a look at the Prosci Change Management Certification course page here or see our course dates for virtual or Face-to-Face delivery.

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