3 MUST-HAVE Competencies for Line Managers

    Apr 20, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Today, businesses span many countries and regions. Organizations have to become more competitive, globalised, dynamic and adaptive than ever before. As a result work is also changing rapidly along with economic, political and social trends. In present times, modern professionals must learn to navigate and work in an interconnected world in work teams that are both regional, global and virtual in nature. To be effective in such environments, leaders, middle managers and organisations must be clear what skills and competencies are vital to succeed in their roles as well as at different levels of their organisations and outside their organisations.

    In 2011, Gentry and Sparks (2011) published a robust study comprising a sample of almost 10,000 participants who were practising managers in 40 countries. And because the authors used a sample of practising managers, this results of this study have significant implications. Experienced managers in the field know what is and is not vital for successful performance and career advancement. Likewise, organizations need to understand what leadership competencies are required for success so that the appropriate training and development initiatives are planned and executed. 

    Their study yielded three core competencies of line managers universally endorsed for success in organisations. 

    Figure 1: 3 MUST-HAVE competencies that Managers deem important for success in organisations

    core competencies for line managers


    Table 1: A short list of countries adapted from Gentry and Sparks' (2011) table which showed "Sample size and leadership competency endorsement percentage by country"


    These results suggest that managers across the world believe these competencies are of great value and significant to the success and longevity of a company. Therefore, to remain competitive and relevant, there is an utmost need for organizations to cultivate styles of leadership that are most effective in these global environments.

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