What benefits can Prosci Change Management courses bring to your business in Asia?

    Apr 9, 2020 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Prosci's Change Management methodology, developed from over 20 years of research, is actionable and results-oriented, enabling leaders to leverage it to facilitate individual change, measure progress and create a common language of change within the organisation. The Prosci® approach can even be scaled up within the organisation's strategy as a unique enterprise-wide capability to drive the performance of the business ahead of its competitors.

    According to data from Prosci® Best Practices Benchmarking Report, excellent change management has consistently contributed to the delivery of business results. The Prosci's Change Management methodology is based on over two decades worth of research collected from over 4,500 participants in 56 countries. It is continuously being improved and supplemented with cloud-based tools which may suggest why the Prosci® method is practised by 80% of Fortune 100 companies.

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    CMC Partnership Asia

    CMC is a part of Prosci® Global Affiliate Network and the leading provider of Prosci® Change Management Training, Workshops and Advisory services. Globally, we train professionals and advise on projects and programmes in organisations across different geographic locations and industries. We are actively participating in over 500 change projects every year, lending our expertise to help build change management capabilities with and for our clients. 

    CMC Partnership Asia has been working in Asia since 2012, particularly with the Singapore Civil Service College. We were appointed the Singapore primary affiliate in January 2015, licensing us to deliver the public open-enrolment change management training at selected venues in Singapore. This is in addition to private and customised Prosci change management training, workshops and advisory support services that we have already been providing to companies in Singapore throughout South East Asia. 

    Michael Campbell, David Lee and Rhiannon Cooke are our local Prosci® approved Advanced Instructors in Singapore. Each of them bring a wealth of more than 20 years of relevant, global and diverse experience and skills that enable our clients to build portfolio, programme, project and enterprise change management capabilities so as to deliver business results that not only contribute to their bottom lines but also to their long-term corporate strategy.

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    Want to become a Change Management Practitioner?

    Given the fast-changing landscape across industries as a result of innovative and technological disruption, there is increased demand for change management professionals to drive efforts in organisational restructuring and technology upgrade projects which are required for multiple reasons, most noticeably in financial regulatory compliance and operational excellence. However, having technical skills and installing the tools/system alone will not be enough to ensure the success of these changes. Unless we get impacted employees to embrace, accept learn and adopt the changes, the effectiveness ("doing the right things") and efficiency ("doing things right") of using the tools are not optimised which directly translate to a diminished return on investment (ROI).

    Embed Change Management in your organisation today and release the productivity potential of all your technological capabilities. A great way to start this journey is to understand an approach and process to the creation of a strategic and intentional plan for Enterprise Change Management (ECM), the internalisation of a structured approach to change as a business as usual (BAU) process in all of your employees, line managers and leaders. As the Affiliate for Prosci® in the Singapore, CMC Partnership Global is now able to offer a number of Online Instructor-led Prosci Change Management Courses including Prosci® Intersection of Agile and Change Management Workshop and Prosci® Delivering Project Results Workshop.

    Take the next steps...

    Virtual Instructor-led Prosci Change Management Certification Programme in Singapore Time Zone

    Join us on our three day Prosci® Virtual Instructor-Led Change Management Certification Programme. We offer an online, interactive, learning experience where participants gain the skills, knowledge and tools to drive successful change initiatives in their organisation.

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    Singapore time Zone: May 13 - 15, May 19 - 21, June 9 - 11.

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