Why Choose the Prosci Methodology?

Oct 30, 2019 | Posted by Michael Campbell

During times of increasingly complex and difficult change, you want to ensure your change management approach will deliver you the desired results. With many industry-leading organisations building change competency with the support of a Prosci license, what makes them choose Prosci?

In this blog we will show what makes Prosci different and why companies across the world choose the Prosci methodology.  Successful companies continually change. When you choose the Prosci methodology to approach change you gain insights into tools and methodologies that focus on the people side of change. Prosci knows that to reap the rewards of change, you must reach and empower every employee before, during, and after the change.

What Makes Prosci Different

These days, there are a variety of options available when it comes to a change management approach. If you are to be more agile and successful when it comes to change, your organisation needs a strategic capability.

As a change leader in your organisation, you play a crucial role to ensure that everyone in your organisation realises the undeniable benefits of change management and how it positively impacts the whole business.

But Why Prosci? What makes it different?:

  • Field-Tested Best Practices - Prosci's extensive body of change management research compiles experience and insights from thousands of change leaders from over two decades.  When you choose Prosci you get access to this research and gain skills and knowledge from successful leaders across the world.
  • Easy-to-Use Tools & Models - With the extensive research from over 20 years ago being presented, this can sound intimidating. But Prosci's models and tools are simple, easy-to-use and offer a common sense approach, meaning you can apply your new change management learnings immediately to your organisation.
  • Real Results - It is great to have access to such an extensive and well-sought after body of work, but it is the results that matter. When you choose Prosci it is easy to measure the success of your change initiatives with concrete benchmarks and clearly defined goalposts.
  • Lasting Change Competency - Through earning your change management certification with Prosci you learn how to implement your changes now. Not only that, but you have access to keep learning through Prosci's webinars, tutorials, informative blogs and more. Through continuous learning you are able to adapt your change management approach to new challenges along the way.
  • A Committed Partner - When you work with Prosci you have a seasoned, committed partner. As leading experts in change management, Prosci can help you get the most out of your changes in the organisation - whether that be operationally, culturally, and financially.
  • Worldwide Programs - Prosci has programs around the globe, with offices in the U.S., Canada and Australia. With dedicated partners in more than 50 countries, Prosci have the capability to meet the needs of global teams. If you require Prosci change support globally please contact us at CMC Partnership first and we would be delighted to help.

Why should you earn your Change Management Certification?

You understand why Prosci is the leading choice for change management, but why should you be earning your change management certification? 

An overwhelming 86% of participants recommended taking a change management certification. On a previous blog we introduced in depth 5 reasons why you should earn this certification:

  1. Have your knowledge and expertise validated
  2. Gain access to proven methodology, tools, and models
  3. Set the organisational standard
  4. Increase your competitive edge
  5. Develop a recognised need for change management

For more on these 5 benefits of earning your Prosci change management certification read our blog. 

How does Change Management impact your organisation?
It is great to see why Prosci is the ideal partner for your change management approach but if you don't see the importance and impact that change management can have on your organisation then you will never understand its true value.

In our Prosci Comparison Table "Prosci Methodology: Impact of Change Management on Your Organisation" you are clearly presented with how your organisation, and employees, will be impacted with and without an effective change management strategy.

Download our comparison table to present to your executives in a clear, simple way, exactly how change management impacts your organisation.

Download Comparison Table

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