Why Not Join One of Our Prosci Change Management Webinars?

    Oct 11, 2016 | Posted by Michael Campbell


    If you are looking to refresh your own knowledge or perhaps introduce a new colleague to the Prosci world of change management, please register to one or more of our upcoming free webinars.

    Each webinar is highly interactive, driven by our cross-industry international audience, has timings friendly to most global time-zones and often entertaining!

    Tear yourself away for your day-to day work and get some answers to some of those challenging questions you are facing as you help ensure change is effectively implemented in your organisation.

    We discuss and reflect on Prosci’s latest research, methods and tools -  in use by 80% of the Fortune 100 and developed from 18 years of continuous Best Practices research data – to explain why some changes fail when others succeed.

    Topics include

    • ADKAR for Individual Change – basic and advanced applications
    • Resistance Management
    • Change Management ROI and the Business Case for change
    • 3 Phase process for Organisational Change
    • Sponsor Effectiveness and its impact on your project
    • Cultural impacts on Change success
    • Agile and Change
    • Integrating Project Management with Change Management
    • Change Management for Projects and Programs etc

    We aim to explain and illuminate as much as we can in the hour or so of our webinar, in easy to understand ways both for people new to the world of change management and for those of us experienced with the battle scars of many complex changes.

    We provide the overview and drill down on many specifics.

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