Why Your Business Should Invest in Enterprise Change Capability

    Aug 16, 2019 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Change is no longer an unplanned event which organisations simply absorb. Change is here to stay. The only way for organisations to thrive during these times of change is to build a change capability - this is where change management comes in. 

    Are you taking steps to build a robust change capability? This blog will present why your business should be investing in Enterprise Change Capability and realise that the ability to out-change the competition is a win-win, especially in this competitive market. Enterprise Change Management is a structured and intentional deployment of change management across and throughout an organisation. With Enterprise Change Management, effectively managing the people side of change becomes more than a business practice; it becomes a core competency, competitive differentiator, and cultural value of the organisation.

    Unfortunately, many organisations still fail to implement change effectively. According to CMSWire only one third of change efforts are a success, 16% show mixed results, and half are clear failures. Enterprise Change Management has never been so crucial. 

    The Costs of Low User Adoption are High

    It is inevitable that when the adoption rate is low, the costs are high. It is crucial that when you implement a change into your organisation, your people adopt to the change, otherwise your project will fail. 

    As found through 20 years of research, Prosci's Best Practices in Change Management investigated the correlation between project success and change management effectiveness, finding that projects with excellent change management effectiveness were 6 times more likely to meet/exceed project objectives than those with poor change management effectiveness.

    Impact of change management on project outcomes

    It is no secret that applying change management can directly impact adoption and usage. So why would you not implement change management initiatives if it will significantly improve your chances of success?

    We need to spend more time ensuring impacted employees are able to adopt the new change(s) that you are trying to implement, this way it is a win-win for both you, and your employees. This is why Enterprise Change Management (ECM) is an important aspect.

    Why You Need to Invest in Enterprise Change Management

    ECM is becoming more important in the workplace, as the demand for change management continues to grow. But why should you invest your time, money and efforts into Enterprise Change Management? Well here's 5 compelling reasons why:

    1. Brings Project Success to the Organisational Level

      Investing in Enterprise Change Management drives more successful change. Research by Prosci found that effective change management drives a greater benefit realisation and a higher achievement of results. 

      When change management is implemented effectively, the results are faster speed of adoption, a higher ultimate utilisation rate, and a greater level of proficiency, all in turn driving higher Return on Investment (ROI). 

      If effective change management drives success on a given project, then why not begin applying change management on more projects by deploying it more broadly across the organisation? This is why you should invest in Enterprise Change Management, to bring project success to the organisational level. 

    2. Builds Capacity for Constant Change

      In today's business climate, organisations are experiencing (and expecting) more change than ever before. In such an environment it would make sense to build a capability to more efficiently and effectively implement the frequent, large and more imperative changes which inevitably occur. 

      Institutionalising your change management through Enterprise Change Management creates one simple solution which builds a capacity for constant change, ensuring you never fall behind.  

    3. Lowers Change Saturation

      Data has shown that more and more organisations are facing a point of change saturation, meaning there are so many changes going on that the organisation can no longer effectively handle any more. 

      Through Enterprise Change Management you are able to implement a process in place to effectively manage each of the efforts in the change portfolio, rather than focusing on each change initiative individually.

    4. Applies Change Management More Effectively and Efficiently

      Enterprise Change Management deploys a common organisation standard across the whole business. Having a set standard is more effective than allowing each project to address change management on its own. 

      The advantages of deploying change management from an enterprise perspective include: common language; common tools; consistent application; ability to draw on shared resources; shorter learning curves; and the ability to continuously improve.

      Change management is done more effectively and efficiently when there is an organisational standard in place. 

    5. Achieves Impressive Project Results

      Finally, the 5th reason why you should be investing in Enterprise Change Management is more emotional rather than academic. Prosci found that while some people want to rely on data for making the case, when asked about approaches for justifying change management, study participants identified the use of scenarios and examples as the most effective tactic.

      Many organisations will start their ECM journey based solely on a single project that went very well (because change management was applied) or very poorly (because the people side was ignored). Through implementing Enterprise Change Management, you are able to connect the need for wanting to apply change management with the outcome of the initiative.

      In other words, you will want to apply ECM because it achieves impressive project results and you will realise the benefits it brings to the full organisation, not just single projects. 

    Project ECM
    Becoming great at change doesn't ever happen by chance. It takes an organised, intentional, and concerted effort to build change management competencies throughout your organisation.

    Treating the effort to institutionalise change management like an initiative and project increases the likelihood that you will be successful and adds credibility to the work you are doing.

    Download your free copy of the Prosci Building Enterprise Change Capability With Project ECM document to learn more about taking project ECM from current state to future state. 

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