Charities Capability Fund (CCF) Training Grant for Prosci Change Management Certification Programme

The CCF Training Grant aims to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, governance and management capabilities of the exempt, registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs). CMC Global in Asia are pleased to offer this to participants from qualifying charities and IPCs for our in-person Prosci Change Management Certification Programme and our in-person Leading Your Team Through Change Workshop.

Before registering for programme on website

Step 1: Inform CMC Partnership Asia of interest in CCF funding through registration form on this web page

Step 2: A CMC team member will be in touch to gather details for grant enrolment in Training Partners Gateway.

Participant applying for CCF must meet the following criteria

  • Participant’s designation is related to training

  • Participants who are Employment Pass/S Pass/Work Permit holders must have at least one year of remaining EP/SP/WorkPermit validity at the point of application

  • Participant is supported by SSA for the training.

CCF Specific

  • At least 0.5 years of service with an official designation in the Charity/IPC organisation.

  • Participant must be from exempt, registered charities and IPCs. Visit the Charity Portal  to check on the charity status of the organisation.

Once enrolment on TPGateway is successful

Step 1: Charity/IPC can register on CMC’s website for any of the in-person Prosci Change Management Certification Programme in Singapore time zone. For the in-person Leading Your Team Through Change Workshop a different registration process will be advised by our team.

Step 2: CMC will collect nett course fee from Charity/IPC

During the programme

Step 1: Participants must take attendance via the digital attendance taking mode on Singpass

Step 2: Ensure that 100% attendance is met to be successfully certified

Step 3: A CMC team member will be in touch after the programme, requesting participants to complete a NCSS Training Evaluation Form

What does CCF cover?

Training courses (local classroom-based courses and local/overseas online courses) for charities’ board members and staff (who have served in the charities for at least 6 months with an official designation) in key governance and management areas:

  1. Board Governance

  2. Conflict of Interest

  3. Strategic Planning

  4. Programme Management

  5. Human Resource and Volunteer Management

  6. Financial Management, Internal Controls, Risk Management

  7. Fundraising Practices

  8. Disclosure and Transparency

  9. Public Image/Communications

  10. Digitalisation/Data Protection/Cyber Security

  11. Leadership and Organisational Development

  12. Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism

  13. Crisis Management, Business Continuity Planning

  14. Other training courses that are aimed at improving the governance and management aspects of charities

Interested? Complete the form below

Funding Quantum

The approved applications are co-funded up to the quantum specified below:

  1. For All Charities

  2. Singaporeans / Permanent Residents
    • Up to 80% of course fee, capped at $1,000 per course or $500/full-day (8hrs) or $250/half-day (4hrs) per participant, whichever is lower
  3. Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders / S Pass Holders
    • Up to 60% of course fee, capped at $750 per course or $375/full-day (8hrs) or $187.50/half-day (4hrs) per participant, whichever is lower

Further Information

For further information on CCF, you may visit the website here.

Alternatively, you may contact Noreen at