Change Definition

Accelerator for Change


Having been involved in many clients change initiatives over the years, we often come across the situation where changes are being made without a shared vision, and with little sense of common purpose.

Purposeful change energises and ignites people and creates success

In this interactive Change Definition Workshop, we will work with you to bridge the gap between the inspiration and motivation that purpose brings, and the
practical, implementable, prioritised changes needed for delivery.

We will guide you and your teams through a structured process for defining change that will result in changes that are purposeful, systemic, inclusive, learning-based and incremental.


1 day


Virtual or In-person


What's it all about?

In a nutshell, the CMC Change Definition workshop sets you up for success for ensuring alignment between the specific changes you wish to make behind a meaningful shared purpose.

The work you do in this one day workshop will define and accelerate your change and provide a great foundation for successful implementation.

For a comprehensive walkthrough of the workshop, watch our FREE webinar.
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Interested in private training for your organisation?

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Who is it for?

It’s for leaders and teams involved in specifying, designing and implementing changes within an organisation. Specifically it is for:
  • Business leaders wishing to empower their teams to define and deliver change that will create real. verifiable value.

  • Business teams who want to ensure the changes they define matter - to both themselves and others.

  • Technical teams wanting to maximise the business value that their technical solution delivers.

  • Change teams who want every change to have a compelling why, explaining how it delivers value to stakeholders matter.

What's the format?

It’s a hands-on, interactive workshop, led and facilitated by a CMC Senior Change Lead, in which everyone contributes to the outcomes. The hands-on work draws on a variety of approaches including Design Thinking and Systems Thinking.

It’s about us bringing together complimentary approaches to allow you to put theory into practice in an interactive engaging way, resulting in those all-important light bulb moments.

What will we cover?

We'll work through a structured 7-step process to help you explore the various elements of your change definition challenge, reaching recommendations and conclusions for you to take away and use.

The 7-step process looks at:

  • Drivers
  • Vision
  • System
  • Success Indicators
  • Change Opportunities
  • Backlog
  • Change Increment Definition

The steps will be covered in an interactive way, with plenty of participation from you.

What will you be able to do afterwards?


After the workshop you’ll have a set of graphical and data outputs for you to take away and use. We call them Change Definition Deliverables.

You’ll then be able to:

  • Further develop your Change Definition Deliverables and adapt
    them as your change progresses and insights develop

  • Use the Change Definition Deliverables as inputs to
    change management.

  • Engage and empower your colleagues in their Change Definition
    process, using the knowledge, tools and skills you’ll have gained
    from this workshop
What to do afterwards

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