FAQs: Virtual Prosci Change Management Certification Programme

Q:  How many people will participate in a Virtual Instructor-Led Certification programme?

A:  We will run Virtual Instructor-Led Certification programmes in Asia for groups of 8-16 participants, similar to how we run our current in-person certification programmes.  

Q:  Who will facilitate the Virtual Instructor-Led Certification programmes?

A:  Each Online Instructor-Led Certification programme will be facilitated by a CMC Prosci Advanced certified instructor and supported by a Training Manager in real-time.

  Q:  What software will I need for the Virtual Instructor-Led Certification programme?

A:  There will be an easy to install, simple to use “Go to Learning” platform that will be accessible by all participants. We will communicate details to the participants once they register. We will also set-up a virtual 30-minute online ‘Meet & Greet’ session a week before the start of the course, for you to get to know each other and become familiar with the easy-to-use online tools.

Q:  What will I need in terms of the hardware?

A:  You’ll require the following:  

  • Your laptop with a strong internet connection. We recommend that you use an Ethernet cable if your Wi-Fi connectivity is unstable. We also recommend you use a headset with a built-in microphone.

Q:  What about pre-work for the Virtual Instructor-Led Certification programme?

A:  The pre-work for the Virtual Instructor-Led Certification course will remain the same as the in-class experience:

During the programme, you will be working on a real-life project that is currently underway or being planned in your organisation. You will be applying the methodology and tools from the training to your project. The output from this project work includes deliverables that you can use when you return from the training.  We therefore ask you to prepare a short project summary of your choosing, which will need to be submitted prior to the course.

You will also be asked to read sections from the ADKAR book and a Guide to Change Management Concepts in advance of the course.

Q: What about course materials? How will I receive these?

We will provide the same printed Prosci course materials and online access for the participants as they would receive in face to face session. See the course overview page for details. We’ll be in touch prior to the course to arrange delivery and access to the reading materials. 

Q:  Will participants be required to work on a project as part of the Online Instructor-Led Certification programme?

A:  Yes, each participant will be required to bring a change management project to class and apply the techniques learnt to a real change in order to achieve certification.

Q:  Will the Prosci online programme run for three days, similar to the current face-to-face course structure?

A:  Yes, the course will run for 3-days consecutively and modifications have been made to enhance the virtual learning experience for all of our participants.  This will ensure the Virtual Instructor-Led Certification programme will remain interactive and focused on building the Knowledge and Ability of our participants. 

Q:  Will participants receive the same Prosci certification for the Virtual Change Management Programme as they would in–person?

A:  Participants who complete all of the programme requirements will receive formal Prosci certification.  The certification badge will include a reference that indicates the program was completed online to differentiate it from our standard offering.

Q:  How will we administer presentations and the exam?

A:  Participants will be asked to provide their presentation through a narrated PowerPoint presentation and the exam will be administered online on day three. 

Please get in touch with a member of the CMC Partnership team if you have any questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.