Asia Virtual Change Management Week 2020

Fast-Track your Change Success!

Join CMC Partnership in Asia for a week of engaging, one-day virtual Prosci change management workshops designed to equip key individuals with the knowledge and ability to help you implement change projects well in these rapidly changing times.

Who is it for?

Key individuals like you! Change practitioners, project managers, people managers, HR professionals and senior leaders - all of whom play their unique and vital roles in change. Now more than ever, you can do more to help others transition through today's changes, and if you know how, your organisation will be better positioned for success once the circuit-breaker lockdown periods end if you equip yourself with the best tools and techniques.

Now is a great time to learn new skills

If you are working from home, we can help you make the most of today’s virtual learning environment in a series of five 1-day, 6 hours per day training programs.

Each workshop uses extensive interaction tools such as polling, breakout exercises in groups and for individuals, chat and collaborative whiteboarding, with regular breaks each hour to maintain connection and energy.

Join us for one or more days during a special week of timely, virtual one-day workshops designed for you in effecting more and better change in your organisation.

Come along to more than one workshop to receive a special discount

If you're interested in attending more than one workshop during the week, we can offer you some special discounts!

Get in touch to find out more. 


Introduce and grow change management as a core competency for your organisation

Monday 23rd November
Build your organisational roadmap for agility and design a structured and intentional Enterprise Change Management plan to begin your journey. 

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Michael ECM Boot Camp
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Increasing user adoption for your project with a change management blueprint

Tuesday 24th November
Dig into the intent, objectives, scope, workstreams, milestones, deliverables and timelines of your project and how to align effective change management with them. Better understand the dimensions of integrating project management and change management. Build a cost/benefit analysis for investing in the right amount of change management effort to accelerate and increase user adoption prior to and directly after Go-Live.

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David- Delivering Project Results
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Leading your team through changes as a Manager

Wednesday 25th November
As a Line Manager, understand all dimensions of your critical role in taking you and your team successfully through multiple changes. Effectively manage resistance and successfully coach people through change. Get equipped with a Manager's etoolkit to support your own and your team’s transitions. 

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David- Leading your Team Through Change-1


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Take Charge of your change project

Thursday 26th November
Learn the fundamental concepts and organisational benefits of change management. See how they relate to our rapidly changing environment, and apply them to your specific change project/initiative. 

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David- Taking Charge of Change
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Agile and Change Management workshop

Friday 27th November
Explore Prosci’s latest research on how to do great change management in fast-moving Agile initiatives. Understand the difference between agile and Agile and the consequences of misunderstanding either. Select the best approach and build specific tactics for adapting change management to Agile iterative developments from best practices.

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Michael- Agile Workshop
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What else is there to know?


  • CMC Partnership in Asia is known for delivering unforgettable learning experiences, and these virtual workshops are no exception. It’s the same, highly-interactive experience delivered online.

  • Our workshops offer same great content as Face to Face, where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives through the application of Prosci methodology.

  • You'll spend your time virtually CMC’s Advanced Prosci Instructors and like-minded change leaders—from individual practitioners and project managers to IT professionals and improvement specialists.

Interested in private virtual training?

You can bring any of these workshops directly to your organisation for a customised, virtual event. Get in touch to find out more.

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