Change Management Case Studies

We’ve worked with many organisations of various sizes, from several different industries, in multiple countries helping them to build effective Change Management as a core competency to fuel their business growth.

Here are a few examples that illustrate the types of challenges they faced, the help CMC Partnership Global provided, and the results they achieved. 

Maybe some of these challenges will resonate with you. If so, please get in touch, we'd be happy to listen and support you with your change management initiatives, especially during the current climate.




See how a global manufacturer of consumer goods implemented change management...

The Challenge

To help a global manufacturer of consumer goods implement change management among more than 100,000 employees across the world, from Beijing to Chicago.

The client strongly believed that the ability for their business to organise, design and implement change should become a central and particular strength of their global business culture.

The Results

The virtual delivery of our client’s brief resulted in partners from different countries - Beijing to Chicago - learning collaboratively in one online space. We were able to ensure these recipients could hit the ground running in understanding how change (both as a result of Covid-19 and beyond) is manifesting in their working environments and how they could ensure their staff were better prepared for the significant impact to changes in ways of working.


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Building capacity for absorbing change more effectively...


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The Challenge

To help one of the UK’s large water utilities implement change management capability across the organisation, and build capacity for absorbing change more effectively.

It became clear that there was a need to build capacity for employees to absorb change more effectively, understanding that thousands of customers may eventually be impacted by these changes.

The Results

With over 30 Prosci certified change management practitioners throughout the organisation so far, a structured approach to understanding and implementing change management has already increased their ability to deliver effective change within the water supply industry.


Developing a dialogue-based, collaborative introduction of change within an organisation...

The Challenge

When a single employee from this UK leader in scientific development attended the Prosci Change Management Practitioner Programme, run by CMC team, she gained knowledge and skills that enabled her to become an internal advocate with the senior leadership of her organisation.  

The challenge we were set was to develop a dialogue-based, collaborative introduction of change within the organisation.

The Results

Not only has the organisation encountered less resistance to the change initiatives they are deploying, they are experiencing a more dialogue-based, collaborative introduction of change, with employee satisfaction improving as a result.


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