Prosci Change Management Certified Practitioner Refresher Workshop

This one-day workshop shows participants how to apply the structure of a business case to change management and provides a method and tool for demonstrating the ROI of change management. 

Change management practitioners are often required to justify the appropriate level of investment in change management - this course is designed help them do so. 

Who should attend?

This programme is only available to certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners holding a valid license to use Prosci Pilot Pro (pre-2015) or Prosci e-Practitioner (post 2016) toolkits. Participants should be currently engaged in the change management activities on a defined and active project where adoption and usage of the new solution, by directly impacted employee groups, is critical to the achievement of the business results expected from the project.

A completed one page 4Ps project summary detailing Project Name, Purpose, Particulars and directly impacted groups of People must be submitted as pre-work, together with confirmation of the two largest challenges with the project at this point in time.

Why attend?

During this 1 day workshop participants:

  • Refresh their knowledge and ability to effectively use Prosci’s structured approach to Change Management, Best Practices Research, methodologies and tools for effective change management.
  • Refresh how to apply ADKAR and Prosci’s 3-Phase process for organisational change to their project.
    • Tools reviewed include 4Ps, Flight/Risk, ROI model, ADKAR, Impact Index Analysis, Risk Grid and the new Prosci ADKAR Map
    • Note: This section is taught using the Prosci 2017 Practitioner e-toolkit and materials. It is therefore recommended that participants contact Prosci and upgrade to the 2017 Practitioner e-toolkit license prior to attending this workshop.
    • Current license upgrade charges are in the region of US$400 depending upon the version you are upgrading from.
  • Are introduced to the new Prosci ADKAR Map to help them establish a roadmap of change management activities and milestone measures by impacted group, relevant to their change, up to the point of “Go-Live” for their project.

  • Are guided by the CMC Prosci Advanced Instructor to discuss and review up to four critical challenges from those submitted by participants in pre-work, in separate time-boxed sessions.

  • Challenges to be addressed in these 1 hour sessions can include, but are not limited to, topics such as:-
    • How to engage and coach a reluctant Sponsor in successfully leading change
    • How to structure the business case for investing in the right amount of change management for my project?
    • How to best apply the Prosci methodologies and tools end to end in my project?
    • How to best integrate my change management activities with the project management function?
    • How can I use my project as a foundation for establishing enterprise change management competency more widely in my organisation?
    • How can I determine the best set of measures and metrics for the people side of change in relation to my project?
    • How can I build the best Sponsorship coalition for my change project?
    • How can I successfully reinforce, recognise and reward the progress and results of my change project?
    • How can I build the best Resistance Management plan for my project?

Learning objectives

By completing the CMC Prosci Change Management Certified Practitioner Workshop, participants will:

  • Reconnect with the fundamentals of change and change management:
    • Refresh their knowledge and ability to effectively use Prosci’s structured approach, Best Practices research, methodologies and tools for effective change management.
  • Improve the effectiveness of their change management approach and plans for their in-flight project:
    • Refresh how to apply ADKAR and the Prosci 3-Phase Process change management methodology to their project.
  • Reduce the risk of their project failing to achieve its intended business outcomes after Go-Live

Course materials

  • Prosci ADKAR Analysis Map
  • Prosci eBest Practices in Change Management - 2 week trial
  • Recommended pre-requisites to be provided by the participant
  • Prosci Practitioner e-Toolkit 2017 access and license


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"Superb! Tons of stuff I can take back and start using from Monday.''

Elke Sanz,

Business Change Project Manager,
Financial Services Ombudsman, UK

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