Prosci Delivering Project Results Workshop

This one-day workshop prepares project managers and project teams to effectively integrate their work with change management, to meet their project’s intended outcomes, using a common language and framework for change management in project terms that they are familiar with.

Participants will define success by identifying the project objectives and benefits through discussion and in-class activities. They will also identify impacted employee groups and use Prosci's Change Management Blueprint to map change management work to their project’s life cycle.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intentionally designed for those with project management knowledge: project leaders and managers and project team members. Technical solution developers, Lean and Six Sigma practitioners, operational excellence practitioners and organisational development consultants should also attend this workshop. 

Why attend?

Participants will: 

  • Build a common language and vision for change management in the project context.
  • Connect employee adoption and usage to their project's results and outcomes.
  • Learn to identify when their project needs change management resourcing
  • Understand how change management drives better adoption and usage of the new capability, technology, process, etc, their project is delivering
  • Create a common framework for engaging with change management resources and practitioners.

Topics covered

  • Defining change management within the context of a project:
    • Intent, Objectives, Scope, Work streams, Milestones, Deliverables and Timelines
  • Integrating project management and change management:
    • People, Processes and Tools
  • Cost-benefit analysis:
    • What it takes to get started and The payoff of change management

Delivery options

Public Courses take place at selected locations across the UK, Ireland and Singapore. Take a look at the upcoming course dates and locations.

Private courses can be facilitated on client site or at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the world.  Please ENQUIRE or call +65 8398 0725

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"I have a better idea of what change management is & next steps to work on.''

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