Prosci Strategic Alignment Workshop

This new 2-day Prosci workshop is designed to provide change managers with the framework, tools and facilitation you need to align your strategic objectives with your change management efforts.

Prosci’s Strategic Alignment Workshop helps you effectively communicate the reasons behind launching an enterprise-wide approach to change management to align key stakeholders and staff with a common goal. We offer the help of an expert change management facilitator and a bevy of tools at your disposal. This workshop accelerates your organization’s change capability development, giving you a plan that will turn your vision into a reality. 

Who should attend?

  • Executive sponsors
  • Deployment leaders
  • Functional leadership
  • Key organisational influencers

Why attend?

If you are part of a leadership team within your organisation and you're looking to build a plan to establish and begin growing a change-enabled organisation.

Topics covered

  • Unpacking enterprise-level change management deployment ambitions
  • Mapping change management maturity
  • Aligning enterprise change management goals
  • Exploring change management roles and responsibilities
  • Creating and deploying your change management roadmap
  • Establishing key program milestones
  • Refining communication and planning for success


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"Superb! Tons of stuff I can take back and start using from Monday.''

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