Virtual Instructor-led Prosci Train the Trainer Programme

This four-day, all-encompassing online change management programme provides participants with the knowledge, tools and confidence to deliver quality Prosci Change Management Training internally to employees within their own organisation. The course builds upon what has been taught in the Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification course and enables participants to up-skill their internal stakeholders and build organisational-wide internal change management competencies.

Participants of CMC Singapore's Prosci Train The Trainer Certification are now eligible to apply for funding. This includes the SkillsFuture Study Award for Human Resource, government funding from the Ministry of Manpower.

Who should attend?

Train-the-trainer is for change management professionals who are ready to start deploying change management training throughout their own organisation. The pre-requisite for the course is to have completed the Prosci Change Management Certification course within the last 24 months. 

Why attend?

By completing the Train-the-Trainer program, participants will:

  • Learn the purpose, objectives, intended audience and structure of the five role based programmes: 
    • Change Management Practitioner Programme
    • Change Management Programme for Managers
    • Change Management Sponsor Briefing
    • Change Management Employee Orientation
    • Delivering Project Results: Change Management Workshop for Project Managers
  • Review key learning modules and facilitation recommendations
  • Practice delivering the various learning modules in front of the class and instructors 
  • Receive feedback and recommendations for improving delivery
  • Develop a training strategy to guide the implementation of change management training following the course

Topics include

The main focus of the four days is to explore the Change Management Practitioner Certification Programme in more depth, whilst covering Prosci’s role-based training programmes for Employees, Managers and Sponsors so that participants are equipped to take change management to the next level and confidently train internal stakeholders. 

Delivery options

Public Workshops take place at selected locations across the UK, Ireland and Singapore. Take a look at the upcoming course dates and locations.

Private courses can be facilitated on client site or at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the world. Please ENQUIRE or call +65 8398 0725


6-9 October


Internal Delivery Requirements and Purchasing Materials  

For completion of Train-the-Trainer, you must facilitate your first Prosci® programme at your organisation. You can teach any of the role-based programs to successfully complete the Train-the-Trainer experience. You must purchase programme training materials for each participant in each programme you facilitate, either as individual sets or through an enterprise license to Prosci’s training content.

Programme Price Per Set

Practitioner Programme - $750

Programme for Managers - $350

Employee Orientation - $95

Sponsor Briefing - $300

Delivering Project Results - $225

Fundamentals - $225

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"Intensive but well designed program, with excellent facilitation.''

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