Prosci®  Intersection of Agile and Change Management Workshop


In this one-day practical and interactive workshop, we will take you through an in-depth exploration of the latest research and build specific tactics and plans for effectively adapting and adjusting change management in an Agile environment.

Who should attend?

This virtual workshop is designed for people who are responsible for delivering the people-side results on Agile projects including:
  • Change management practitioners supporting Agile efforts

  • Agile practitioners integrating the people side into their work

  • Project leaders incorporating Agile principles

  • Any change agent who wants to stay at the forefront of this growing discipline

Learning objectives

  • Understand the foundation and parallels of change management and Agile

  • Explore industry-leading research on how to manage change adoption in an Agile initiative

  • Identify specific adaptations for your change management approach

  • Align the Prosci ADKAR® Model with Agile efforts and sprints/releases

  • Align the five organisational change management plans to Agile and identify specific adjustments for each

  • Define change management roles in an Agile environment
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One day:
  • Foundations of Agile and change management
    - Origins of Agile
    - Agile and change management principles

  • Research Agile and change management

  • Applying change management when moving from waterfall to Agile:
    - Contributors to successful Agile transformations
    - Obstacles to successful Agile transformations
    - Managing the people side of the move from waterfall to Agile
  • How to adapt your change management approach in Agile

  • Adapting the ADKAR Model in Agile

  • Adapting five organisational change plans in Agile

  • Roles for change management in Agile

  • Next steps

Course materials icon Course Materials

  • •  Prosci's Change Management and        Agile bench-marking report                (downloadable)
  • •  Course worksheets and exercises
  • •  Access to five webinars

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