Communication for People Managers

Skills4Change® Workshop



This Communication for People Managers Skills4Change® Workshop will help existing and potential people managers understand how to use the unique skill of change communication to lead their team through change confidently.

Over two 4-hour sessions, you'll be guided by a Prosci Europe expert with years of practice and experience in communication for change, for people managers.

You'll gain access to tools, templates, and a case study, and you'll bring a real-life project to practically apply the skills necessary to communicate impactful change to your employees. 

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about this Skills4Change Workshop.


2 half days



What's it all about?

A Skills4Change Workshop enables hands-on application to your real-life challenges guided by a CMC Global expert who has first-hand knowledge and experience in applying this skill set to a business change. This particular workshop is about Communication for People Managers.

Being asked to lead your team through an organisational change can feel intimidating, especially when you have little or no experience in change delivery.

  • How do you communicate with confidence when you don't have all the answers?

  • How do you discuss the change with your team in a way that will maximise their support and action?

By participating in this Skills4Change Workshop,  you'll address these common challenges and develop the skills you need to help you confidently communicate to your team during times of change. 



Who is it for?

This Skills4Change Workshop is for anyone who manages a team and is:

  • Tasked to lead their team through an organisational change or departmental change

  • Has little or no experience in managing a team who are impacted by a change

  • Wants to understand how change communication differs from everyday operational communication

  • Would like to feel more confident and equipped when communicating changes that impacts their team

What will you learn?

You will learn what to communicate, how best to deliver a message, interact with your team, and what to do if you don't have all the required information.

The two half days will be split into two topics: Preparing to Communicate and Engaging with your team.

Day 1: Preparing to Communicate

  • Understanding the difference between operational communication and change communication​

  • The role of a people manager in communicating change
  • The preferred communication styles of you and your team’s individuals, and why it matters
  • The process of change communication and what it requires from a people manager
  • What information needs to be shared with a team and how to gather this information
  • How to draw strength from your network: collaborating with your boss, peers and the project team

Day 2: Engaging with your team

  • What to do when vital information is not available when the team ask questions

  • How to introduce your team to a new change for the first time and how to have ongoing conversations with your team about the change​

  • How to gauge if your team understands the information you have shared​

  • What to do when some individuals need more support than others​

  • How to use communication to help make change stick​ after go-live date

There will be a lot of interaction, timed break-out sessions, contextualising and the hands-on exploration of ready-to-use templates for you to use and take away with you to put into practice in the real world.

Interested in private training for your organisation?

Get in touch for a private SkillsforChange® workshop. Enquire here for more information.

Is there any pre-work?

A little, to ensure you’re getting the most out of the course.

When you register, we’ll provide you with an exercise to complete which reveals your preferred style of communication.

We'll also ask you to come along with an idea of a real change example that resonates with you, and bear it in mind during the workshop.


What will you take away?

In addition to leaving the workshop with your newly found knowledge and skills, you will also take away many tools and templates you'll have become familiar with during the sessions, including your Skills4Change workbook, comprehensive communication plan template and other useful, ready-to-use assets to enable you to put your new communication for people managers skills into practice.

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