VCF funding for Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification Programme

The VCF Training Grant provides co-funding for local training courses to help charities comply with regulatory requirements and build good governance standards. CMC Global in Asia are pleased to offer this to participants from qualifying companies for our in-person Prosci Practitioner Certification Programme.

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What does the grant cover?

The grant covers local training courses, seminars in governance and management for Board members, executive heads and management staff of charities in the following policy areas:

  • Board Governance / Conflict of Interest;

  • Strategic Planning;

  • Financial Management & Controls;

  • Human Resource Management;

  • Fund Raising Management;

  • Volunteer Management;

  • Communications on Social Media to equip charities with the knowledge to leverage on social media platforms to improve public communications of its work and hence enhancing the charity's transparency to the public.

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Course Registration

Charity/ IPC applicants register their course participation directly using the form on this page

Upon receiving the application, we'll assess the eligibility criteria of the Charity/ IPC applicant based on the following:

  1. Applicant is a staff of a Charity/ IPC.

  2. Applicant has at least a year of service remaining with the Charity/IPC, at the point of application (if applicant is an Employment Pass or Work Permit holder).

  3. Applicant has not applied for other sources of government funding for the course.

  4. Applicant can be from the same or related Charity/ IPC organisation as the Training Provider and Trainer, provided that the course is open to all Charity/ IPCs and there are other Charity/ IPCs attending the course.

Charity/ IPC applicant submits a VCF Local Training Grant application via the NCSS eServices at least one month before the course(s) commence(s).

VCF applications are subject to VCF approval and only Charity/ IPC staff/volunteers with approved VCF applications are eligible for VCF funding.

Charity/ IPCs can access the approval/ rejection email via the NCSS e-Service, within 3 working days from application submission.

Training Provider must obtain the approval email from the Charity/ IPC applicant as proof of eligibility for VCF funding.

The Charity/ IPC Applicant with approved VCF application (or “VCF-eligible participant”) pays the amount of course fees less VCF funding to the Training Provider.

VCF-eligible participants who are unable to attend the course must email VCF Secretariat to withdraw their VCF applications before the course starts.

Replacement participants will need to submit new VCF applications before the course starts.

Funding Quantum

Course Fee per Pax before VCF funding Recommended Funding Percentage & Category for Singaporean/ PR VWO Staff


80% capped at $1,000
(Governance & Management training)