Why CMC Partnership Asia?

Given the fast-changing landscape across industries in Asia as a result of innovative, technological and the pandemic disruption, the change landscape to many organizations can be overwhelming. Our vision here at CMC is ‘change for good, together’, encapsulating our determination to help you accelerate the delivery, adoption and usage of new ways of working.

We can arm you with the know-how to make sense of the changes your teams are experiencing and empower you with an industry leading toolkit to enable you to maximize the business value from the changes you are delivering.

How? In short, we help individuals and organisations across Asia build their change management capability through the provision of Prosci® change management training and we also support you on your change success journey.

SG Value Proposition

CMC Partnership is the largest Prosci® Global Affiliate with offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, South Africa and Switzerland. 

CMC actively engages in in over 500 change projects every year on three continents, lending our expertise to help build our client's change management capabilities.

Our clients range from Multinational Corporations, Small & Medium Enterprises across all industries including public sectors globally.



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World Class Delivery for Best Training Experience

CMC invests in world-class equipment and facilities to deliver the best experience and provide you with the best learning environment regardless of whether you are attending in person or virtually.

Our instructors and producers hold themselves to the highest standards to ensure you get the most value out of the Prosci programmes, and from your time and money.

Michael Campbell, Rhiannon Cooke , David Lee are our Prosci® approved Advanced Instructors based in Singapore. Each of them brings a wealth of global, diverse and hands-on experience in leading change for multi-national corporations, public sector, and non-profits.

We also draw on the experience from CMC instructors from around the globe to leverage and build on our knowledge of helping individuals and organisations to build change capability.

We don't leave you at the classroom door...

Once you train with us, we continue to support you beyond classroom training with post programme follow-ups, one to one consultation and providing free access to our change management library of resources on articles, eBooks and recorded webinars. with resources such as live webinars, blogs and videos. For our Practitioner Alumni, we run quarterly virtual meet-ups where we discuss some of the hot topics in change management and offer you an opportunity to connect with like-minded change practitioners in ASIA.

We’re also on-hand for coaching and workshops to help you on your individual change journey or for your organisations change capability (just get in touch)!


Testimonials from delegates who recently attended our three-day Prosci® Change Management Programme

I enjoyed the programme. I was surprised how so much content can be effectively covered in such a short period of time. The instruction was clear, engaging and at times thought-provoking. Enjoyed it tremendously. - Andre Koh

Very well put together and engaging with the right balance between theory and practice- Rhea Nera

Well planned and delivered. Having David, Rhiannon and Andre work off & supporting each other was successful and helped deliver the positive learning experience - Eric Low Chung Yuen

Very action oriented and applicable contents. Engaging delivery – Chee Yee Long